My moustache hurts and also feels tender, why?Believe it or not, this is fairly common and also there are countless reasons because that it.

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I’ve to be there myself, before I began the Braw moustache brand. My facial hair would feel tender and also sometime it is in painful in ~ the roots, ns was for this reason tempted to cut it off, yet I didn’t.

It was only after I began taking treatment of my facial hair the the pains disappeared totally.

I’ll explain below some reasons for painful face hair and also how to fix them.

My mustache hurts! Why?

1. A dry and also brittle beard.I hear & view it alot at shows, men saying come me lock wouldn’t usage beard treatment products due to the fact that it’s no manly or that they use engine oil, yep that might sound cool, however it absolutely doesn’t look at cool once their chin is producing an ext flakes than winter.You see, dried skin and also dandruff will reason itchiness and irritation ~ above the skin and also at the hair root, this leader to pain and discomfort….and a glittery looking black color t-shirt.

2. Wear and also tear.If your chin is topic to impact or disadvantage weather problems like ours athletes, the hair follicles may be under stress, overload from the hair gift pulled/pushed in one unnatural direction. This usually takes a few days to settle, however, maintaining hydrated and moisturising together with brushing the hair gently will certainly help.


3. De-hydration.Are girlfriend drinking sufficient water? Drank too much alcohol? If the hair roots space not moisturised enough, castle will end up being dry and also painful.

4. Shampoo residue.If her shampoo hasn’t to be rinsed off thoroughly, residue may be left on the skin which will irritate the roots, bring about dryness and dandruff. Be certain to usage an all natural shampoo.

In conclusion

If her beard hurts, take into consideration the actions above. The bulk of the time, the hair and roots are dry and need moisturised. Apply a herbal beard oil daily and also brush on regular basis to save the skin flake free.

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