Last week i bought 3 huge packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts indigenous No Frills. They were on sale because that a great price and we were to run low on chicken, so ns stocked up.

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I carried the packages home and left them in the refrigerator for a couple of days, till I had actually time to package them because that the freezer (I frozen them in individual part sizes).

When the day ultimately came that I had time to package the chicken, i took it all out and got mine plastic bags all set to go. I provided the expiration day on the packages and also they to be 2 days indigenous the present date. Ns was good to walk! Or so ns thought…

I have a habit of smelling every chicken breast before I package it, just to make sure they are fresh – and also when i did that with these breasts they smelled… different. I wouldn’t speak they smelled bad. Trust me, ns do know what a rotten piece of chicken smells like and also I did not smell anything favor that – yet they did smell a bit off.

I sort of hummed and hawed end what to do. Need to I wait because that Richard to gain home and then ask that his opinion? must I assume the chicken is fine? Should i take it earlier to the keep to need a refund?

I made decision that the chicken was fine. Ns packaged every 15 or therefore breasts in separation, personal, instance bags and popped lock in the freezer for future meals. Lock smelled a little bit funny, but they definetely did no smell rancid!

Fast forward another few days and also we room at mine dad’s home for dinner. I carried over the chicken breasts and was cooking them in the kitchen when, after about 15 minutes of cooking, I provided them a little sniff. Oddly, castle smelled favor fish. FISH CHICKEN! What the eff?! I thought that possibly it to be the new recipe ns was do the efforts out, that smelled fishy for part reason.

Once it to be cooked, us all began eating and each that us had actually the very same reaction – that TASTES favor FISH. What the heck type of recipe makes chicken taste like fish?!

I quickly realized that it was not the recipe that was the problem, yet that I had just cooked negative chicken. That weird smell the I got from the raw chicken to be in reality a sign that the chicken had actually gone bad.

Wow. Embarassing.

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If i would have actually listened to my gut, which was informing me that something to be off around the chicken, i wouldn’t have cut it every up and put that in the freezer. I would certainly have brought it all back to the store and also got some new, fresh chicken.

Now, ns am the end $30 and 15 chicken breasts – but at the very least I have actually learned my lesson!