In a landmark choice result, Republican Party nominee Donald Trump brushed up the greatest votes come be chosen the 45th chairman of the united States.

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Having won an essential battleground states of Florida, Ohio and North Carolina, Trump has beaten democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, who was donate by incumbent president Barack Obama, in one of the most exciting elections in the unified States.

Here are the height 8 qualities that do Donald trump a great leader.


Love that or dislike him however you can’t ignore him. Donald Trump’s to trust in what he believes in makes him a perfect leader.

Even after gift saddled through allegations varying from mafia ties come unscrupulous service dealings to gyeongju discrimination in the last 4 decades, Trump has confidently steered in the direction of a landslide victory in the Presidential Elections.


Trump’s authority end his subject matter is just one of the features one have to possess together a leader.

Donald trumped made that evidently clear in the run approximately the elections the his foreign policy will be singularly focused on make America safe Again by destroying radical Islamic terror groups, finish the nuclear resolve Iran and the ransom payment to the world’s number one state sponsor that terrorism.

He stated he will end the practice of apologizing come US’ enemies and also will only stand by the country’s allies. This mirrors authority and makes him a an excellent leader.


Donald Trump has actually been dauntless in his criticism of what he believes in.

Earlier in the year, Trump said no one will be tougher top top the Islamic State 보다 himself if elected. Follow to Trump, Islamic terrorism is eating up big portions the the middle East and that is other we would aim to completely destroy.


Trump is a good negotiator and is well-known to understand facility deals coupled with his knowledge of a wide selection of industries and businesses.

Trump has as yet bought properties that have actually less of one upside. Taking dangers is component of business, but Trump has actually been clever in ensuring the threats are calculated.

In his choice campaign, he promised come cut business rate to 15 percent, minimize individual rates to 3 brackets the 12, 25, and also 33 percent, v a 0 percent rate for many. Maintaining his an excellent deal-making capability in mind, the may have the ability to bring this to life.

Prudent through Resources

Instead that hiring brand-new people to occupational in federal government offices, trump card is proposing that nobody is may be to obtain a task in the commonwealth workforce because that at least the next four years.

This might mean government offices that spend fifty percent their time rubber stamping offices won’t be acquiring any new members of staff any kind of time soon.

One of Trump’s newest plans is to ban foreign lobbyists indigenous fundraising for United says governments, definition that it will certainly be just American people and also companies who will be able to have a significant influence on the result of an election.

Self-interest First

Trump has actually been clear in his election manifesto the he intends to bring the immigration device to prioritize the understanding of americans first. Trump has proposed put on impose immigration legislations – in ~ the border and at the workplace.

He has referred to as for structure a border wall and, ending sanctuary cities, sending out criminal aliens home and also welcoming the immigrants who take on the American way of life.

Clear Priorities

Trump has time and again talked of the commonwealth government’s duty to protect the civil liberties of the citizens.

According come Trump, the federal government should no diminish this appropriate by denying its’ protection.

“I am protest to abortion except for rape, incest and also life the the mother. I oppose the usage of federal government funds to pay because that abortions,” Trump has said throughout his election campaign.

He has additionally extended unwavering assistance to the second Amendment ideal to keep and bear arms.

He has referred to as for gaining serious around prosecuting violent criminals, empowering law-abiding gun owners to safeguard themselves and also expanding mental wellness programs.

This reflects he has actually clear priorities and does not mince his words. 

Financial Understanding

Trump has actually a successful empire behind him, i m sorry he has led due to the fact that taking end his father’s Fred Trump"s actual estate and construction firm, which was later renamed together The trumped Organization.

He has additionally been a television producer and also having owned miss out on USA pageants for almost 10 years, he owns how finances need to be managed.

With the trillions the dollars in debt, this is the sort of leader the might be able to turn it roughly for the US.


Written By

Aashika Jain Staff

Journalist in the making since 2006! my fastest finger have functioned for India's organization news channel CNBC-TV18, an international news wire Thomson Reuters, the digital eight of India’s greatest newspaper The economic Times and India as the Digital Head.

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