Unquestionable, Spotify is the king that music streaming services, but this doesn’t typical it is totally free from all problems. Given its huge user base, the variety of devices the supports, the music catalog it offers, it do not do it be surprising to understand that that too has actually issues. 

Some of those relief like:

Spotify responds slowly when you effort to navigate through songs or present files. Spotify FreezesBecomes unresponsive and others. 

Facing these problems when using Spotify is not a good sight. Specifically for those who use it every day, the is heartbreaking. 

Wondering exactly how I can relate come it? 

Well, I, too, am a Spotify fan and use it an ext than other streaming services. Whether ns am driving, working, cooking, or just enjoying mine time, Spotify is constantly there by my side. 

The application has freshly started giving issues; every passing day, it is becoming slower. Not only this, that takes time to fill playlists. To solve the problem, i uninstalled and also reinstalled the app. This go work however only because that a while, after which the very same problem. Spotify’s performance started degrading. This make one thing clear; miscellaneous is wrong v the app. 

So, to solve the problem, i started searching for solutions. This was when I came across a post that discussed Spotify slowly down since of old cache files. Their methods to clean cache manually were likewise given, yet they were complicated.

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3. Wait because that the scan to finish.

4. When done, click Clean Now. This will delete every user cache and junk documents that slow down Spotify and ruin the Spotify experience.


If girlfriend want, you deserve to run separation, personal, instance modules and recover storage room by deleting duplicates, old unused files, big files, and also old downloaded. 

However, if friend don’t want to usage a product and just desire to try manual steps, issue not. 

We’ve gained that as well covered. 

How come Manually Clean Spotify Cache file On Mac

To manually clean Spotify cache from Mac and fix the freezing, slow, and lagging Spotify, monitor the steps below :

1. Leave Spotify. If you space not certain if that is to run or not, head to task Monitor. 

2. For this open up Finder > go > Utilities > activity Monitor

3. Look because that Spotify and quit the process.

4. After this, relaunch Finder > walk > walk to Folder 

5. Copy-paste ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/ in go to Folder and press Go.

6. Here, friend will view a internet browser folder, Data, fsCachedData, and other files. Select all the files and move to trash

7. Again go to Finder > walk > go to Folder. This time type ~/Library/Application Support/Spotify/ > Go

8. Here, look for a file called perfs.

9. Open up perfs in the text editor.

10. Go to the finish of perfs paper and copy-paste storage.size=1024. We space doing this to cap the dimension of the cache.

11. Save the file.

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12. Select and also delete the PersistentCache folder.

This is it. After performing these steps, we suggest rebooting Mac. Now shot to fill Spotify; you must not face any kind of problem. 

To solve Spotify running slow on Mac, you can use one of two people of the ways. But remember manual means will just clean Spotify cache if the automatic method we use Disk Clean pro will help optimize Mac and also recover storage space. So, what are you wait for? If you desire a clean and also optimized Mac without any type of issues, offer Disk Clean agree – the an effective and best Mac optimizer tool, a try.