During people War II both the Allies and the Axis Powers fought for manage of the Atlantic Ocean. The Allies want to use the Atlantic to resupply good Britain and the Soviet Union in their fight against Germany and Italy. The Axis Powers want to prevent them. This fight for manage of the Atlantic s is dubbed the battle of the Atlantic.

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A U-boat shells a merchant ship Source: uk Government
Where did it take it place?The battle of the Atlantic took location throughout the northern an ar of the Atlantic Ocean. Once the unified States gotten in the battle the battle spread every the means to the shore the unified States and also the Caribbean Sea.How long did the last?The fight lasted over 5 years and 8 month from September 3, 1939 to may 8, 1945.Early BattlesThe early battles in the Atlantic greatly favored the Germans. They supplied their submarines come sneak up on brother ships and also sink them through torpedoes. The Allies didn"t recognize what to do and also lost a most ships over the first couple of years the the war.
U-BoatsGerman submarines were referred to as U-boats. This was short for "Unterseeboot", which intended "undersea boat." The Germans quickly ramped up manufacture of your U-boats and had hundreds of submarines patrolling the Atlantic ocean by 1943.
A German U-boat SurfacingSource: uk Government
Allied ConvoysThe Allies do the efforts to counter the U-boat assaults by travel in big groups dubbed convoys. They often had destroyer warships the would help to escort them and also defend them native attacks. For a duration of time in 1941 this an approach was reasonably effective in helping get plenty of ships with safely to Britain. However, as the Germans built much more and more submarines the convoys came to be less successful.
A Convoy cross the AtlanticSource: U.S. Navy Naval history Center
Secret Codes and InnovationsIn 1943 the fight reached its peak. The Germans had a huge number of submarines in the Atlantic, yet the Allies had broken the German secret codes and also had developed new technologies because that fighting submarines. The Allies supplied radar come tell wherein the pearls were and also special new underwater bombs dubbed Hedgehogs that helped to damage the submarines.The battle Turns in favor of the AlliesBy the middle of 1943, the battle had rotate in favor of the Allies. From this point on in the war, the United claims was maybe to an ext freely ship provides to good Britain consisting of the huge supply the soldiers and weapons necessary for the Normandy Invasion.
ResultsThe control of the Atlantic had a significant impact ~ above the result of the war. Keeping Britain supplied helped to keep the Germans from acquisition over all of Western Europe.The losses in the battle were staggering. End 30,000 seafarers were eliminated on every side. The Allies lost roughly 3,500 it is provided ships and 175 warships. The Germans shed 783 submarines.Interesting Facts about the battle of the AtlanticWinston Churchill very first called it the "Battle of the Atlantic" in 1941.It was estimated that at least 20 it is provided ships required to arrive each day in britain in order because that them to proceed to fight the war.The Allies lost 1,664 supply ships in 1942.The Germans sometimes used a "wolf pack" tactic where a variety of submarines would certainly surround and also attack a supply convoy in ~ once.Allied planes offered a big spotlight called the Leigh light to spot submarines that had actually surfaced in ~ night.

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