AN accused rapist in India has actually allegedly set fire come his victim through her husband and also seven-year-old daughter after they saw the police.

The attacks, both reportedly carried out at the family's home in the north city the Gwalior, space the recent in a wire of incidents that have actually sparked protests throughout the country in recent years.

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A string of prominent rape cases have sparked protests throughout India in recent yearsCredit: Reuters

The accused, 32, believed to it is in a girlfriend of the husband's, accused raped the mrs while she was residence alone on October 31.

Gwalior police superintendent Amit Sanghi claimed the guy threatened the woman v "dire consequences if she informed anyone about the crime".

The woman told her husband, that then saw the police to file a an initial Information Report (FIR), the Hindustan time reports.

The family says that the officers on duty failed to make any type of report, however that the man uncovered out the police had been told and also came to their home again.

" entered the victim’s house the exact same night and set the victim’s husband afire," Sanghi said.

"When the woman and her seven-year-old daughter rushed come the rescue of the man, the accused additionally poured petrol on castle and collection them afire."

All 3 members the the family members were taken to a government hospital and also are claimed to it is in in a significant condition.

The suspect additionally reportedly sustained burns and is currently thought to it is in receiving treatment at a exclusive hospital.

Local police have actually launched a search for the guy at exclusive hospitals in the area.

Sanghi said: "We are additionally inquiring about the accusations made by the victim that police at Thatipur police terminal did not lodge she rape complaint."


The worry of rape in India first gained global attention complying with the gang-rape and also death the 23-year-old physiotherapy intern Jyoti sink in Delhi in December 2012.

Singh died two weeks ~ she was attacked by a team of six males while travelling on a bus through a masculine friend, that was also badly beaten.

Thousands of protesters later took come the highways in capital new Delhi and also elsewhere, accusing state and main governments of failing to do sufficient to provide security because that women.

Recent years have seen tougher laws introduced as part of attempts to resolve the problem, but roughly 34,000 rapes continue to be reported each year, around one every 15 minutes.

In October, a mother was gang-raped in front of her husband and also children at the family's home in a town in the state that Punjab.

September observed a tour guide allegedly raped by five men and a mrs at a five-star hotel in Delhi.

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In August, the body the a 13-year-old girl who had actually been raped and also strangled was uncovered dumped close to a sugarcane field in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Difficulty competent by victims in do the efforts to gain police to properly lodge and also investigate your allegations is a common theme in plenty of of the report assaults.


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