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Have a Child in between the periods of 6-8?

Hop on over to the World book Junior Explorers site where you deserve to snag your an initial Hardcover publication completely complimentary ($12.50 value) – just pay $1 shipping & handling!

What is World publication Junior Explorers?

The publications in World book Junior Explorers room curriculum-based and packed complete of beautiful artwork and also photographs! The books are great for reading out loud with your pre-reader or because that independent analysis by her older child.


What’s the Catch?

By place an order, you’ll get your an initial book in the World book Junior Explorers Program for complimentary – simply pay $1 for shipping and handling! You are under no responsibility to continue and also may publication at any kind of time by calling 1-888-215-4327. Limit one subscription per household.

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If you’re pleased through your very first book, perform nothing and in around three weeks and each month thereafter you’ll receive two an ext books native the World book Junior Explorers Program because that $12.50 every ($25.00) plus $4.99 shipping and handling.