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WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 30, 2016) native the Resch center in eco-friendly Bay, Wisconsin, featuring every the latest build to the upcoming Money in the financial institution pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for June 19 in Paradise, Nevada.

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Advertised for tonight: man Cena returns, Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler in a technological wrestling match, and also more!

Come right ago here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off when the present starts ~ above USA. It will certainly be listed below this heat here. (REMINDER: NO GIFS OR PICS ARE allowed IN THE comments SECTION. OFFENDERS will certainly BE BANNED.)



Geno right here for tonight\"s show. Deal with it.

They opened with anyone on the stage and a standing salute for Memorial Day. That was complied with up with the video clip they released a couple of days back paying tribute come those who have served.


Shane McMahon come out to begin the display proper and Stephanie McMahon complied with him out prior to he might speak. They bickered a bit before announcing SmackDown going live top top Tuesday nights top top July 19. They began to operation down the map when new Day\"s music hit.

They came out and talked around a brand extension. Shane shown \"there will be distinct superstars for Raw and SmackDown.\" Kofi Kingston put over Shane\"s shoes. Stephanie wanted credit because that hers. Nobody cared.

New Day then asked wherein they space going. Stephanie claimed those decisions have yet to be made, so nobody knows whereby anyone is going. She was accused of dodging the question. Shane said whatever is ~ above the table and brand-new Day freaked the end over the opportunity of being damaged up. Xavier appealed to their sensibilities using Francesca, and the fact that she needs all three of she fathers.

Big E asked who is going to operation SmackDown.

Stephanie stated they haven\"t figured it out yet.

New Day suggested a run challenge. Stephanie didn\"t want it but Shane accepted. They fight the music and also he danced poorly. Steph was hesitant at an initial and then decided to gain ready to dance. That\"s once The Vaudevillains enntrance gate hit. Shane and Stephanie just bailed and I assumption: v we\"re obtaining a complement now.


New job vs. The Vaudevillains

This is a non-title match, for some reason.

JBL made cite of a \"mud gloryhole\" throughout this match. Nobody in environment-friendly Bay cared at all around what was happening in the ring because that the very first half of the match however they controlled to get them earlier with a warm tag to huge E after part trombone work-related from Woods.

Right after that, karl Anderson and also Luke Gallows ran in indigenous the crowd and also attacked brand-new Day.

New job def. Vaudevillains via disqualification

For some reason, Gotch and English made decision to offer huge E up and leave. Anderson and Gallows placed the boots to large E and also stood tall.


They had Renee Young interview Anderson and also Gallows. She request what that was about. Anderson claimed they can inflict simply as much damage without AJ Styles, and they\"re going their separate ways. Gallows then claimed they want to placed the whole tag team division on notice.

\"We have arrived. In fact, we\"re just acquiring started.\"


They recapped Sheamus beating increase Apollo Crews and also then verified Crews functioning out in the back. Big Show to walk up and Crews request if he has a difficulty with the brand-new era too. Display said the doesn\"t, he\"s to be knocking world out because \"the Jurassic era.\"


Crews claimed he didn\"t desire to knock the out. Show laughed the off. Crews claimed he didn\"t recognize why Sheamus went after him however he\"ll make him pay. Display put him over together a man he likes before saying Sheamus doesn\"t desire anything to change. \"He\"s going to do whatever he have the right to to keep the condition quo the same. Sheamus is a bully -- it\"s what bullies do. The reason Sheamus choose on girlfriend is since he think you\"re going to ago down. The concern is, Apollo -- are you?\"


Golden reality were out functioning schtick. They\"ll it is in joining commentary, therefore I\"m not sure why they wasted time top top doing every that.

The Usos vs. Tyler Breeze & Fandango

They did an inset promo with Breeze and also \"Dango where the last called gold Truth \"Molten Poop.\" That\"s to be the finest thing around this present up to this point.

The enhance was short and also Breeze to be rolled up.

Usos def. Breeze & Fandango

After the match, the losers checked out commentary to choose a hit with gold Truth when The Usos simply bailed to the back. Goldust and also Truth got the top hand and also celebrated in the ring.


Roman Reigns was out for a promo to respond to all points Seth Rollins.

He stood in the ring and also soaked in the reaction. Many of cheers, many of boos.

\"Two year ago, Seth Rollins offered out once he broke up The Shield. Ever because then he\"s dubbed himself The Man. That\"s funny come me, how deserve to you contact yourself The man if you\"re constantly to run from The Guy? I\"ve claimed it before, I\"m no a an excellent guy, I\"m no a poor guy, however as long as this (WWE people heavyweight title) is on mine shoulder, I\"m The Guy. Therefore if you think you\"re the man, Seth, come on out here and also prove it.\"

He put the mic down and Rollins\" music hit. He walked the end sans microphone and also started walking to the ring. Reigns waited for him. Seth maintained stopping and hyping himself up. Before he actually acquired to the ring that signaled choose he to be forgetting something.

He went and also grabbed a microphone. Roman smirked.

Rollins acted prefer he to be going to begin talking multiple times. He looked at the crowd with disdain. Climate he threw the mic and also started walking to the ring again. He acquired close, stopped, and started laughing. That backed turn off again, climate RAN because that the ring, then stopped and laughed again.

You really obtained us, Seth.

Reigns simply stood there, looking exhausted of every this.

Fans booed once Seth walked earlier up the ramp to the microphone. He picked it up, acted prefer he was going to talk again, then threw the mic and left. Roman\"s music hit and also everyone who wanted to do noise cheered him together his music played.

Suddenly Rollins walk hauling ass come the ring however AGAIN stopped just short and also laughed. \"We perform things my method around here,\" Seth stated as he backpedaled when more.

Roman hosted the location up in the ring.

That to be that.


Lana remained in the ring coming earlier from a commercial break. She was hardly using her interval to introduce her man, Rusev, that she called a \"Umerican hero.\" He came out to tiny reaction.

Rusev vs. Zack Ryder

They had Ryder cut a promo speak he answer an open challenge from man Cena and also something about proving he belongs. Rusev basically simply beat him right into the life death and also submitted him with The Accolade.

Rusev def. Ryder

After, Rusev had actually them cut his music. Then he said Ryder is as with every other American, entitled even after losing everything. He is what America have to be every about. \"I am a true American hero because I\"m a far better American 보다 you.\"

Titus O\"Neil\"s music fight to reduced him off. That said great Americans fight for what they believe in. He dubbed Rusev a Bulgarian bullhorn and then punched him in the mouth.


They replayed the Flair family drama. Climate they played a pre-tape that showed Charlotte running into Stephanie McMahon, who said she\"s embarrassed by the reality that Charlotte is women\"s champion. Climate she dubbed her spoiled, selfish, and also told her to step back and shut her mouth. \"You\"re not a champion, you\"re just a rubbish of talent.\"

Charlotte didn\"t speak anything in response.

Okay then.


Enzo Amore and big Cass were out next. Every crowd in every city LOVES these two. They did their usual schtick. It to be over as hell.

Enzo & Cass vs. The Dudley Boyz

They did the usual in the match, through Enzo obtaining beat on because that a while before a hot tag to Cass. Bubba beam Dudley acquired the edge in ~ one suggest but Enzo distracted him enough to set up Cass throw him. D-Von gained in and also they struggle the Rocket Launcher to get the 3 count.

Enzo & Cass def. Dudley Boyz


John Cena returns!

He looked really major to start and also opened with some words for Memorial Day. He obtained all worked up and said that was flexibility that enables him come say loud and proud that he\"s earlier on Monday Night Raw.

He was impassioned around the future going v him. He talked about new names and faces. Castle all have to obtain through him.

AJ layouts came out.

He allow the minute breathe and that caused dueling chants. \"AJ Styles\" vs. \"Let\"s go Cena.\" they both soaked it up and also played right into it. Michael Cole called it \"electric.\" This is the many fans have cared around anything tonight.

Styles said he heard Cena was the an initial one to acquire to the arena and the critical one to leave. He placed him end time and also again, then said \"welcome back.\" He grounding his hand out yet Cena didn\"t shake it in ~ first. Climate he stepped in and did so. The group cheered because that it.

Karl Anderson and also Luke Gallows come out at the point. They claimed \"unlike friend we\"re not here to kiss ass, we\"re right here to kick it.\" They progressed on Styles and Cena, who obtained ready for a fight. As soon as Cena threw his shirt out, Styles struck him. Gallows and Anderson instantly assisted him.

The club lives!


Natalya vs. Dana Brooke

There wasn\"t lot to this. Nattie obtained beat up.

Brooke def. Nattie

Charlotte to be ringside for this, and also she acquired in the ring and also they ganged increase on Natalya. They dubbed Charlotte a disgraceful champion. When they to be beating down Nattie, Becky Lynch\"s music hit and also she ran down for the save.


JoJo interviewed Dolph Ziggler.

He talked about Baron Corbin and being a far better wrestler. Then he brought up chris Jericho\"s 1,004 holds thing and said he knows 1,005. He began in naming them and then stopped. Yes, he said \"armbar\" multiple times.

He ended by saying he\"ll stealing the show.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Ziggler was wearing a rings helmet prefer he to be going full amateur wrestler. That was play the part at first, then just blasted Corbin with a low blow. He to be disqualified, of course.

Corbin def. Ziggler

Dolph gained on the mic after and said he to be disqualified however Corbin was still the loser.


Main occasion time.

Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn & Cesaro vs. Alberto Del Rio & Kevin Owens & chris Jericho

This was just throwing every the Money in the financial institution ladder complement participants right into a six-man come square off with the heels on one side and the babyfaces top top the other.

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They made sure to occupational in previous issues with each guy opposite the other, most notably Ambrose and also Jericho having remained in a feud prior to all this. At the finish of the match, Owens and also Jericho acquired into it, resulting in KO leaving and Jericho getting the Cesaro Swing. Alberto Del Rio damaged it up but was hit with the Helluva Kick. Owens acquired in and superkicked Sami Zayn but when he went because that the pop up Powerbomb, Sami went over and he to be hit v Dirty Deeds by Dean and also pinned.