Who is the happy girl to be Yang Yang’s girlfriend? Yang Yang has actually not yet announced news related to his girlfriend in ~ present. Yang Yang walk not have actually a girl friend yet.

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Yang Yang is an actor that is really popular with plenty of people. His illustration is handsome, and also his acting skills are also an extremely good.

Although Yang Yang has not officially announced his girlfriend, he has actually lots of rumored girlfriends because his debut.


1. Li Qin

Yang Yang and also Li Qin met in 2010 once they were shooting “The Story that the Stone”. In the TV series, Yang Yang play Jia Baoyu and Li Qin play Xue Baochai, that was initially a pair.

Their appearance was the best among the cast. The opportunity of their common attraction is really high.

Yang Yang frequently took Li Qin to some romantic places. They never seem to be separated in the team photo, Yang Yang liked to was standing behind Li Qin. He always took Li Qin together with him when going out. For this reason Li Qin to be suspected to it is in the girlfriend of Yang Yang.

However, in the final, They have actually no remained in a relationship. Perhaps Yang Yang’s job-related schedule is as well full. In the crew, there are constantly a many of human being around. They walk not have too lot opportunity.


2. Decision Zhang Tianai

Yang Yang once worked with crystal Zhang Tianai in the movie “I Belonged come You”. Viewers every felt that they were a wonderful CP in the film. That is exposed the they were in love and acted intimately throughout the shooting of the advertisement.

Yang Yang and also Crystal Zhang Tianai to be suspected to be in love due to the fact that of the drama. But after that, over there is no an ext news about them. This rumored romance additionally ends.


3. Zheng Shuang

Fans hope the Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang can be together. Since their sweet power in “Love O2O” do viewers be impressed!

However, they execute not have too much personal interaction. They are just working relationship, The scandal is false.


4. Victoria Song

The rumor that a relationship in between Vicotria Song and Yang Yang have to be recognized to countless people. At the time, the media photographed Yang Yang saw Victoria Song’s hotel and also was choose up by her assistant. He additionally appeared number of times.

Their news has become a hit. However, Victoria track denied the romantic online.

It is suspected the Victoria track wanted to make the connection public, however Yang Yang’s team garbage her, for this reason it resulted in Victoria’s discontent. However, in an answer to this statement, there is no evidence.


5. Qiao Xin

The media when pictured Qiao Xin and Yang Yang shopping with each other in London supermarkets. While on Weibo, Qiao Xin stated that she already had a boyfriend. Therefore many civilization felt the Qiao Xin remained in a connection with Yang Yang.

Then a netizen debunked the rumor the the guy in the picture was no Yang Yang. Both of castle did no make any type of response. Climate the rumors of them to be ended.

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Yang Yang’s needs for his girlfriend have to be very high, and he is busy in working. So over there is no girlfriend till now!

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