“You are exactly where you should be”

I absolutely have a love/hate relationship with this quote.

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If where you room right currently is in the middle of Stuckville and also Shitty St, climate let me tell friend – acquire out while girlfriend can.

Am i really whereby I should be? ns really want to more than on the ‘other side’ wherein the grass is the most luscious green and I deserve to do cartwheels and also salute to the glorious sun. Here – the grass is a small faded and it absolutely needs watering.

Cue in the various other quote the grinds my gears: “The grass is constantly greener where you water it”

But what If I’ve operation out of water? (I promise yes sir a happy finishing to this story).

What if did you do it done all you have the right to to improve your situation and also things simply aren’t happening because that you. All those amazing desires and also dreams that you want to end up being a reality have come to a huge fat protect against sign.

That’s wherein my girlfriend ‘divine timing’ comes in to refill my watering can.

Those moments that seem for this reason painstakingly hard at the time space unfortunately intended to happen.

You obtained rejected from her dream job.

You just broke up v the love of her life.

You fail the vital test.

You ran the end of (gulp) money.

But what happens after those excruciating moments? you stumble…but you always get back up again. And also do you desire to know what rather happens? Something even far better than you might ever imagine manages to do it’s way to you. It might be a week later, 6 months or also a year yet these experiences always lead united state to miscellaneous better. Our breakdowns always lead to breakthroughs and also that moment when you just want to offer up – is the moment when things revolve around. My man D:Ream stated it finest – “Things deserve to only gain better”.

It’s difficult to read quotes like “you are specifically where you should be” once you genuinely feel you want to it is in somewhere entirely different. Permit me tell you this though – rather of emotion frustrated through our current circumstances what if us just had actually Faith? (sorry it had to it is in done). Have actually faith and also trust the it will all occupational out due to the fact that we know deep inside the it constantly does. Timing is everything and whilst things could not be working out because that you appropriate now, let’s make the many of wherein you are right now.


Image Credit: Alexander Shustov

I guess: v that method that ns embracing the quote. I do think you are precisely where you need to be. Joe Blogs might be frolicking in the grassy pastures leaving united state feeling confused and jealous (and wondering what type of fertilizer that uses) – yet YOU are precisely where you should be. Refill the watering can, add a dash that patience and also focus top top loving that beautiful spot of grass the you have going on.

I deserve to guarantee that the moment will walk a lot quicker. You won’t be worrying around the other side if you start to evaluate that right here – is nice freakin good. It can not be exactly what friend want, however the only method to get much more of what you desire is to nourish what you have. As much as I hate to recognize – “you are precisely where you need to be” and you will acquire to where you want to be v the right mindset, support and of food encouragement.

Has this quote grinded her gears before too? Let’s gain you to where you desire to be without the anguish and the heartache.

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