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You sure You Wanna do This, little Girl? describes a collection of videos on tiktok featuring an audio clip the Telltale Games" The go Dead series remixed into the dubstep track "Love Sosa" by cook Keef. The complete quote reads, "You sure you wanna perform this, little girl? What if we"re dangerous?" to which a girl responds "What if ns am?" In the tiktok videos, a girl"s photo of when she to be a child appears on one side of the screen, and when the "What if ns am?" heat is spoken, she expose she has actually aged and become one attractive woman.


The line is spoken by Clementine in Season 2 of Telltale Games" The go Dead.

The earliest recognized clip to usage the audio in a dubstep remix appeared on YouTube on august 30th, 2018 (shown below).


On September 2nd, 2018, YouTuber Iffy"s human being posted a video of herself while the clip played, obtaining over 14,000 see (shown below, left). ~ above September 6th, a Cringe repertoire of the videos featuring alters in appearances from women was post to YouTube, gaining over 19,000 views (shown below, right).

On September 13th, YouTuber potaty posted a compilation the the an obstacle up to that point, getting over 60,000 views (shown below, left). The an obstacle began reached the elevation of that is popularity later that month. Top top September 24th, Top finest Musical.ly posted a compilation the videos that obtained over 867,000 see (shown below, right).

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