I’ll never ever forget the burst of excitement i felt as I walked off the airplane in Manchester. Ns wore my backpack (the huge one I’d use for weekend take trip trips) and a substantial smile (the type that you can’t wipe off her face). After hrs of preparation, i was finally in England – my brand-new home because that the next year. I uncovered the bus that would shuttle me to the college of Sheffield, and an hour later, ns was dropped off just outside my brand-new flat. I checked in and was led to my room. None of my flatmates to be around, so I decided to unpack prior to venturing the end to discover some food for dinner. It no take lengthy to to organize my tiny room, so i sat on mine bed, staring up at the images I’d videotaped to the wall. It to be then the it fight me – ns wouldn’t see any kind of of the civilization that ns loved the many for an entire year. Ns burst right into tears, imagining all the things I might miss while ns was gone. Unsure of just how to make feeling of what ns was feeling, I determined to wander approximately Sheffield to clear my head. As I make the efforts to follow a map, ns looked up just in time to view the perfect advice. Top top what ns later uncovered out is the Psychology building (one of mine classrooms), to be a quote through Albert Einstein: “Learn native yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The vital thing is to never ever stop questioning.”


Just as easily as I had started to miss my residence in California, I found a feeling of peace. I determined to pursue a master’s degree in another country since I questioned (in a an excellent way) all that was familiar to me. If I’ll always be grateful for the way I to be raised, the place I to be raised, and the human being who raised me – i felt the need to discover the world. I wanted to be challenged, to flourish as an individual, and to in reality live in a completely different culture. Quite than concentrating on what I may be lacking back in the states, ns looked around and also saw a city complete of opportunity. I had so lot to learn, to hope for, and to question – and also so numerous beautiful stories to share v loved ones back home.

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Just as vital as mental my purpose for the year the I’d spend in England, were the relationship that i was lucky enough to cultivate. It was the friendships that I arisen in Sheffield the taught me the true meaning of the expression “home is where the heart is”. Ns found integrated friends in my awesome flatmates, and the very first two world I met from mine course ended up being two of my closest friends. Us (America, England, Austria, Hungary, and also Mexico natives) studied, shared meals, travelled, laughed, cried, and also conquered the ups and also downs the a circle approximately the sunlight brings – together. House is wherein the heart is, and my heart was in two different countries for a year.

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Miriam Adeney says it best:

“You will never be completely at house again, because part of her heart constantly will it is in elsewhere. That is the price girlfriend pay because that the wealth of loving and knowing people in more than one place.”

I’ll never be completely at residence again, and also I can not be an ext thankful because that that.

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