If you’re shopping for an affordable memory foam mattress, it’s easy to come to be overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice on offer. With so countless budget-friendly brands to pick from, it deserve to be difficult to understand which mattresses live approximately the hype and also provide great value because that money.

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The Zeopedic mattress is a bed-in-a-box gel memory foam model sold by large retailer big Lots. It has actually a very low price sign which might be tempting for plenty of mattress shoppers looking to score a bargain. Many customers appear to be happy through the initial comfort of their Zeopedic mattress, and it contains cooling sleep modern technologies that are likely to appeal to human being who sleep hot. However, the Zeopedic mattress is no as durable as countless other affordable gelatin mattresses. If friend are looking for a product that will stand the test of time, we recommend discovering our #1 product, the Puffy. This mattress sleeps cool while giving the durability our readers are looking for.

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Saatva Mattress


Side Sleepers

Some side sleepers will discover a tool firm mattress prefer the Zeopedic comfortable. However, many will discover it also firm, which might exert uncomfortable push on your hips and cause pain to develop. In particular, side sleepers with light body weights are most likely to need a tool or tool soft mattress and also should consider other brands.

Front and back Sleepers

The firmness setup of the Zeopedic mattress is ideally suited to former and ago sleepers since it offers the support they must keep your spine in a healthy alignment while relieving pressure.

Couples and Combi-Sleepers

The Zeopedic mattress might be a an excellent option for couples and combi-sleepers due to the fact that its medium firmness accommodates most sleeping layouts pretty well. However, if one of two people sleeper has a irradiate bodyweight and also sleeps on their side for some or all of the night, the Zeopedic might feel also firm. It’s worth noting that the Zeopedic go a pretty great job that isolating motion and also is soundless once you relocate on it, which can be a an essential benefit for human being sharing a bed.

Does the Zeopedic Mattress Sleep Cool?

The Zeopedic is well-designed with temperature regulate in mind. The optimal layer attributes air channels, which encourage maximum airflow to enable heat to escape during the night. It likewise contains gel-infused beads, which can conduct warmth away from her body. Therefore, the Zeopedic mattress sleeps relatively cool as soon as you compare it to various other memory foam mattresses in ~ a comparable price point.

However, it’s precious bearing in mind that any type of all-foam mattress will retain warm to a specific degree. Other components come into play as well including the approximately temperature of your bedroom. If sleeping cool is among the most important determinants to you and you live in a hot environment, you may be much better off considering an innerspring or hybrid mattress.

Where to Buy

The Zeopedic mattress is sold solely through the third-party retailer big Lots. You have the right to buy her mattress online with the big Lots website or acquisition at among their numerous brick-and-mortar stores across the country. Girlfriend can discover your nearest big Lots store by adhering to this link: https://local.biglots.com/

Shipping Information

If you pick to have your Zeopedic mattress delivered, it will be sent by huge Lots making use of the bed-in-a-box method. This means that the mattress is strictly compressed in compact packaging which renders it cheaper to ship and easier come move roughly inside her home. Huge Lots supply to all areas of the contiguous united States but do not right now offer shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. As far as we space aware, large Lots carry out not offer a white glove delivery or mattress remove service.

Sleep Trial and Returns

There is no sleep trial because that the Zeopedic mattress. This is significant for shoppers since it way that you don’t have actually the option to try the mattress out in your residence to decide whether you like it. Because that this reason, we would urge any type of of our reader to shot out the Zeopedic mattress in one of big Lots’ brick-and-mortar shop to make certain they space happy with it before making a purchase. Plenty of online mattress brands carry out sleep trials, and we think lock are essential as they offer customers protection in the event they space unhappy v their purchase. If you wish to to buy a mattress v a sleep trial, us recommend exploring the Puffy, Novosbed and Nectar mattresses. These come through generous trial durations which helps to provide buyers tranquility of mind.

Big Lots’ returns plan states the customers deserve to return items in ~ 30 days because that a refund. However, their policy states that the product have to be in its initial condition and also in its packaging, therefore it’s unclear whether large Lots would accept the return that a mattress that has been slept on.


Zeopedic does no publish warranty info on their website, and we uncovered it an overwhelming to discover warranty details for this model. It appears that Zeopedic mattresses come with a limited 10-year warranty, which is conventional for the mattress industry. We recommend clarifying the guarantee terms and conditions with large Lots at the time of purchase.

How go the Zeopedic Mattress to compare to other Brands?

The Zeopedic mattress is one of many good value gel memory foam mattress brands. This means that customers room in a solid position since there space a many companies contending for their purchase. Therefore, us recommend comparing the Zeopedic mattress to a range of other alternatives before you make your last decision. To make this easier, friend can click the links listed below to find out key information around other comparable mattresses.

Alternatives come the Zeopedic Mattress

The Zeopedic mattress gives cooling modern technology for a an extremely reasonable price. It could be a good solution if you’re trying to find a cheap gelatin mattress as a temporary systems or because that a child or guest bed. However, we always encourage our reader to shop approximately before stable for any kind of one brand. In particular, we suggest taking a look at our 3 best-rated mattresses, the Puffy, Novosbed and also Nectar. These commodities impressed us the many when we compared a wide range of factors including comfort, durability, cost and sleep trials.

Puffy Mattress

The blown mattress is our height pick because that anyone searching for the finest memory foam mattress in 2020. Unlike many memory foam options, that sleeps cool and comfortable while offering excellent support and also pressure relief. Its tool firmness setup makes it the perfect an option for side sleepers due to the fact that it can ease tension about the hips and shoulders.

Novosbed Mattress

Coming in a very close 2nd is the Novosbed mattress. Among the standout attributes of the Novosbed is that Comfort+ service, which enables buyers to customize one of its three firmness settings to perfectly enhance their body form and sleep needs. Therefore, practically everyone will be able to purchase a Novosbed that gives the exactly level of support and also pressure relief for your needs.

Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is a breathable storage foam bed through a more responsive feel thanks to that open-cell technology. This help the mattress come sleep cool while offering a little much more bounce. So, it’s a great choice if girlfriend want press relief but prefer no to sink in also deeply. Its global comfort setup makes the the ideal selection for couples and combi-sleepers.


You must make certain you know all the facts prior to making a significant investment choose buying a mattress. To help you make her decision, we’ve compiled a handy perform of our Zeopedic mattress FAQs.

Q: Is the Zeopedic mattress an excellent for next sleepers?

A: part side sleepers will uncover the Zeopedic mattress comfortable. However, it may be too firm because that many people who sleep in this position, i m sorry could cause tension in the hips and shoulders. In particular, next sleepers with light or typical bodyweights are likely to uncover the Zeopedic mattress too firm.

Q: just how firm is the Zeopedic mattress?

A: The Zeopedic mattress is a medium-firm model. This is sometimes dubbed universal comfort due to the fact that it have the right to accommodate many sleeping layouts pretty well.

Q: exactly how thick is the Zeopedic mattress?

A: The Zeopedic mattress is 10 inches thick, which is the standard thickness for memory foam mattresses. Most people should discover this thickness adequate, but heavier people may require a thicker model to give them the support they need.

Q: walk the Zeopedic mattress sleep cool?

A: The Zeopedic mattress sleeps fairly cool since it is made utilizing cooling sleep technologies. The peak layer that foam is ventilated to encourage airflow. It additionally contains gel-infused beads that deserve to wick excess warm away.

Q: What type of mattress is the Zeopedic?

A: The Zeopedic mattress is a gelatin memory foam model. It combine a supportive, dense polyfoam basic layer through a optimal layer make from gel-infused storage foam.

Q: Is the Zeopedic mattress durable?

A: part customers have complained the the Zeopedic mattress did not accomplish their expectations in regards to durability. Although friend can aid to promote its expectation with appropriate care, the Zeopedic mattress might not administer long-term comfort.

Q: walk the Zeopedic mattress smell?

A: The Zeopedic mattress releases a smell once you an initial unpack it known as off-gassing. This is common with all-foam mattresses and also doesn’t posture a wellness risk. Airing the bed can help the smell to disappear as shortly as possible.

Q: Is it basic to return a Zeopedic mattress?

A: The Zeopedic mattress doesn’t come v a sleep trial. Instead, the is spanned by big Lots’ return policy. As this plan states that products must be went back in their initial condition and also in their packaging, customers must not count on being able come return your Zeopedic mattress.

Q: What framework should ns use through a Zeopedic mattress?

A: Zeopedic mattresses space compatible with most bed structures including box springs and also steel frames. It is unclear whether they are flexible bed friendly. Any type of frame girlfriend use have to be the exactly size and also in an excellent condition.

The Bottom Line

The Zeopedic mattress uses shoppers the chance to purchase a cooling gelatin memory foam mattress for a an extremely low price. It might be a good option for civilization who desire a medium-firm mattress on a budget. However, as there space concerns about its durability, it might not it is in a long-term option.

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It’s vital to find out as much as friend can around different mattress brands prior to you decision to part with her money. In ~ Sleep Aim, we make this possibly confusing process simple through our wide range of experienced reviews and also sleep guides.